27 artists respond to the 2017 North American total solar eclipse

Enter the Online Exhibition

Andrew Benson, Aaron Whitney Bjork, Brandon Blommaert, Peter Burr, Carl Burton, Steph Davidson, Zack Dougherty, Scott Gelber, The Great Nordic Sword Fights & Cabbibo, Victoria Keddie, Light Hits, Eric Mast, Jillian Mayer, Rosa Menkman, Shana Moulton, Stefan Nadelman, Eva Papamargariti, Kate Parsons & Ben Vance, Suzy Poling, Sabrina Ratté, Nicolas Sassoon, Yoshi Sodeoka, and Alan Warburton, with an accompanying text by Joanne McNeil

Organized & Curated by Rick Silva


Premiere Screening
Los Angeles, August 17, 7-12 pm
NAVEL.LA 1611 S. Hope St.
Panel discussion with Marijke Jorritsma and Sasha Samochina from NASA JPL
Live music performance + DJ set by P.H.O.R.K.
Co-organized with Ghosting TV and WOAH

Outdoor Screening
August 20, near Salem Oregon
on the path of totality
as part of Signal Fire's Total Solar event

Online Exhibition
launches on August 21, after the eclipse